Helping to build LinkedIn Learning

After LinkedIn acquired Parkside client, Parkside was again asked to step in and create apps for LinkedIn's own learning platform, LinkedIn Learning.

LinkedIn Business Challenge

Fast track the development of the Linkedin online learning platform after the acquisition of


LinkedIn is the world’s largest social networking platform (500 million users) designed for the business community world.


Parkside acted as an extension of the LinkedIn development team, creating iOS and Android apps for LinkedIn Learning and achieving app accessibility for all audiences.

Parkside Approach

Parkside engaged a committed agile engineering team that traveled regularly to San Francisco and Mountain View.


Due to Parkside’s experience with video2brain and, the time-to-market for LinkedIn iOS and Android apps could be significantly reduced. The Android app won the Google Play award for Best Self-Improvement App in 2016. LinkedIn was bought by Microsoft in June 2016 for 26.2 billion US dollars. 

For LinkedIn, the Parkside team achieved

- Feature exploration and product conceptualization

- Engineered critical features in all stages of the iOS and Android development

- Made apps accessible to all audiences

- Realized automated testing

- Setup tracking

- A/B testing

- Reduced time-to-market

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10 years of experience

After Lynda's acquisition, LinkedIn continuously relied on our developer team



Accessibility is important

A new challenge was to help LinkedIn to make their apps accessible to all audiences.

After LinkedIn bought they created their own learning platform called LinkedIn Learning. We continued our relationship with the new owner and took everything we had learned from developing online learning platforms over the past ten years for video2brain and later to help LinkedIn with their iOS and Android apps. By contributing the work of four of our best mobile developers, we basically became an extension of LinkedIn’s own mobile team.


Working with one of Silicon Valley‘s biggest tech companies certainly presents its own set of challenges, but it also brings with it new opportunities. Most companies, for example, simply don’t have the budget to focus on accessibility – but one of our many jobs for LinkedIn was to make their apps accessible to all audiences. It’s also interesting to observe how one of Silicon Valley’s big players daily business works, and what their development stack looks like.


We worked with LinkedIn on their mobile learning apps for almost two years. This included quite a few trips to their offices in San Francisco and Mountain View. We can highly recommend checking out their office in Mountain View – especially the cafeteria with their breakfast and lunch buffets.


We couldn't imagine that LinkedIn, the owner of our former clients and video2brain would be acquired itself. After all, they were among the biggest names in Silicon Valley. However, as it turns out, there is always a bigger fish. Microsoft acquired LinkedIn in 2016 for 26.2 billion US dollars. So once again our client was handed over to a bigger company.

Delivered Work & Key Features

Parkside was responsible for the iOS and Android apps for LinkedIn Learning, enabling users to do things like:

Watch videos and courses / Gain new skills / Create learning paths / Get personalized recommendations (LinkedIn skills, profile) / Receive certificates from courses that can be displayed on LinkedIn / Use app with Chromecast


Technologies Utilized

Java / Swift


iOS / Android

In a nutshell

After LinkedIn bought we continued our relationship with the new owner. With more than 10 years of experience in developing online learning platforms, we supported LinkedIn with their iOS and Android apps now. Our team engineered critical features in all stages of the iOS and Android development and made the apps accessible to all audience. With our help, LinkedIn reduced their time-to-market substantially.

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