Language Translation Made Easy

iTranslate for Windows Phone and Windows 8


Sonico Mobile, based in Austria, is the owner and developer of the most well-known and widely used translation app today: iTranslate. The application helps users with the translation of text and supports more than 80 languages. One special feature of iTranslate is audible translation output of the translation – this is possible in the most frequently needed languages, often in a number of dialects.


Our role was the conception of a Windows phone and Windows 8 versions of the already successful iTranslate iOS app. Most important in the conversion was maintaining design and usability while adhering to the applicable UI guidelines and at the same time making good use of platform-specific features. Conception of the Windows 8 app was especially exciting as this version had to work well on a variety of tablets in both landscape and portrait mode as well as for the desktop, including Windows Snap View.




Design and Development